Welcome to those of you who took a moment to visit with us! Regardless of how you stumbled upon us, I wanted to temper your expectations a bit with our reality. Over the next seventy five days our focus is as broad as Africa herself; Wildlife, conservation,  food, accommodations, indigenous peoples, hunting, famous writer’s words, original stories, opinions, recipes, anecdotes, tips, guidance and generally useful stuff we encounter along the way.

It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to have lived a life of adventure. I began reading a family book of substantial proportions, “African Game Trails” by Theodore Roosevelt at the age of three. It fired my interest in all things Africa, and forged my path towards adventure. Today’s Africa bears testimony to the scope of the changes it has endured. Nation states of enviable environmental riches lay in economic shambles everywhere. The colonization of this continent created nation states, that more often than not, were a reflection of easily identified geographic features on a map, rather than a singular, thoughtful association of like minded peoples. This exercise resulted in dozens of opposing tribal factions all combined into freshly minted “citizens” of each new country. The many factions did not yield the homogenous nation state as planned. Even today the tribal mentality defines each separate group, frequently reflecting their disparate customs, under the ill conceived banner of a singular nation state.

I point this out only to reinforce the reason most African nations remain in conflict. The continent serves as a mirror of the world at large, though it represents a combined spectrum of experiences found nowhere else on planet Earth. Sophistication and unimaginable luxury anchor one end, the wild remote expanses, breathless in their natural beauty and expression of life great and small, occupy the other. In my thirty four years wandering twelve nations over this diverse land, I have experienced things that have changed my  life’s priorities and path. I hope to share firsthand  with you some of these experiences as we once again explore this unique land and peoples.

Nighttime Camp
Photo Credit David Page, Fluid Peak Productions

Welcome and I hope enjoy the ride! To reach our main site directly go to Ngruma.com and read more on the backstory of our journey.

Omatendeka, a place apart…



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